Friday, November 18, 2016

파인애플 빙수

My quest for authentic Korean bingsu brought me to 경리단길, near Itaewon. In a cafe called "Reverse Brother",  they make specialty bingsu from fruits like watermelon, melon and pineapple. The bingsu has wholesome good look and as for taste, not far from expectation, it tasted like ice-blended real fruit juice. The portion is large enough for two persons and would be challenging if a person is to finish everything alone. An afterthought: maybe it is not a good idea to eat bingsu on a cold day. I was shivering from inside out after it.

A-plus for presentation with a price to match (KRW12,000)

싹 먹어 치웠음. Only the shell was left. Where has all the bingsu gone?

From 경리단길, I can clearly see Myeongdong Cathedral. It's amazing there is no high-rise building in this part of city Seoul.

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