Monday, December 06, 2010

죽녹원 (竹綠園)

Damyang is synonymous with bamboo. To leave Damyang without visiting its bamboo forest is equivalent to not have been to Damyang.

The Bamboo Forest Theme Park (죽녹원, 竹綠園) located beside Yeongsan River is a must-visit place in Damyang. I would not say that there are anything you ought to see there but if you have never taken a walk through a bamboo forest, that alone is good enough reason to visit the place.

Bamboo Forest Theme Park right ahead

Entrance of Bamboo Forest. Admission fee is 3,000won.

Surrounded by bamboo
Bamboo, bamboo and more bamboo

Nothing else but bamboo. Actually, it isn't a bad thing. However, I couldn't sense the peace within because there were a lot of visitors which created quite a dim.    

Bamboo forest road. Be prepare to walk up and down slope.

Mark of memory

No lock needed. A green and economical way to express your feeling.

Filming site of Korean dramas and movies

Direction sign pointing to 'Two Days One Night' filming site.

The board wrote that Eun Jiwon and Lee Seunggi fell into the icy pond when the thin layer of ice below them gave way as they were playing a game of retrieving bamboo stick on thin ice. They called the pond the 'Lee Seunggi' pond after he fell into it. I saw that episode of the programme.

'Lee Seunggi Pond' as they call it.

Korean traditional building at 'Bamboo Frangrance Cultural Experience Village' (죽향문화체험미을) which is connected to Bamboo Forest Theme Park. 

Persimmon being hung up to dry at the 'Bamboo Frangrance Cultural Experience Village' in specially made hanger.

This is Yeongsan River. You have to cross this river to reach Bamboo Forest.

Bike rental service also available by the riverside.

Bamboo Forest Theme Park is located about 1.3km away from Damyang Bus Terminal. You are required to cross Yeongsan River before you can get to the park's entrance.


  1. Hi Equinox,
    If I take a bus or cab from Damyang Bus Terminal, would it arrive in front of Bamboo Forest or still required to cross this river?

    And is the river photo taken right outside the terminal? Thanks for answering my queries.

    1. Hi Daphne, if you take a cab (no public bus), it will stop in front of Bamboo Forest. The distance from Damyang Terminal is about 1.3km and the it takes 5 mins to reach. The river photo is taken outside Bamboo Forest.