Sunday, June 21, 2009

일요일 오후

Today afternoon was spent at a cafe in Myeongdong which is opened not too long ago. The cafe is owned by a Korean celebrity who need no further introduction. Tea.Us as the cafe is called, is located near to the exit of Myeongdong Station and right opposite Myeongdong's Caffè Pascucci. Besides tea, the cafe also sells gelato and coffee. Compared to other cafes, the drinks are generally about 500won more expensive but I guess that is the price to pay for bragging right. Other than the actor's pictures which are hung all over the shop, there are really nothing exceptional about the cafe. Personally, I prefer the cafe opposite.

You can't mistake the cafe for someone else. Not only are the celebrity's pictures hung up all over the cafe, they are also pasted on the wall of the stairs leading to the cafe's main door at 2nd level.

Sitting by the window will allow you to observe in comfort the weekend Myeongdong crowd below. At the rack in front, which is lit, there are "Tea.Us" T-shirts hung up or sale.

A small-size Iced Cafe Latte costs 5,300won but I don't think people who patronise the cafe, especially the Japanese tourists, would really mind the extra cost.


  1. 이퀴녹 씨 진짜
    안가본데가 없으시다~
    이퀴녹 씨 최고예요~~~
    얘기좀 하고 가시지~
    참 사진 잘받았어요

    original time stamp: 14 July 2009 16:52

  2. 이세상 너무 넓어서 가 본데가 많으면 얼마나 많겠어요?
    가고 싶은 곳들 아직도 많아요.

    original time stamp: 15 July 2009 19:37