Tuesday, June 30, 2009

다대포 낙조

This is Dadapo Beach (다대포해수욕장, 多大浦海水浴場). It is located at the western end of Busan city and is a good place to enjoy both the sea and sunset. The view of sunset is almost unobstructed from the beach.

Dadaepo Beach is not a resort beach or at least it doesn't look like one currently. You don't find tourists around except for locals. It is not one of those beaches in Busan that is easy to get to.

Dadaepo Beach has a very large area of shallow patch. You can actually walk very far out into the sea and water level is just at waist level. Due to the relatively flat gradient, waves arrive at the beach like 'sheet' of water being drawn across the seabed.

Time is 7:29PM - Sun is about to set at Dadaepo. The carpark is packed with cars. The beach may look kinda 'quiet' from the pictures above but the truth is, it is quite crowded.

Dadaepo Beach has a new attraction - Dadaepo Sunset Fountain (다대포 꿈의 낙조분수). It is supposed to be the world's largest 'floor' (or 'dry') musical fountain with a diameter of 60m. Time is 7:37PM - Large weekend crowd has already formed up around the musical fountain waiting for the show to start at 8:00PM.