Saturday, June 20, 2009


The above picture of a flower bed was taken inside the Rose Garden located in the Seoul Grand Park. I think it looks like a painting. A group of painters was actually painting this flower bed when I was taking the picture. Just click the image to see a larger image (1280 x 800 resolution).

Just as forecasted, it was raining since early morning today. I stayed indoor and cooked ramen for lunch today. I think I have 'mastered' the method to a good bowl of ramen. Actually, it was my teacher who taught me the method. First, let the water boils. Then add the seasoning and let it boil for a few minutes before putting in the noodle. One very important point to note is never to stir the noodle while it is being cooked. My teacher said that stirring would cause the noodle to lose its texture or whatever. Simply put it, the noodle won't taste nice if it is being stirred. Frankly, I have been doing all the wrong things about ramen cooking until now.

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