Sunday, June 07, 2009

봄이 지나도 추억이 남아 있다

While I was selecting the photos to be used for our class album, I have this feeling of time undergoing compression. To be exact, I was tasked to 'compress' 10 weeks of memory into 4 minutes of video.

Each day used to pass by like it wasn't a great day but when time was compressed, I realised that each day was precious in its own way. Without living it, memory could not have found a way to stack up.

Below is our class album.

Before the semester ends, each class is required to make a class album that records their memories of the semester. Among the albums submitted, I thought the one by Class 31 is the best. A very heartwarming video which will probably move you to tear. If there is a contest for the best production, it will be my choice.

(Note: The following video can only work on IE. I think Firefox and Safari has problem 'reading' its Korean filename.)


  1. I prefer your class's video album cos it is happy and lighthearted. Well done!