Saturday, June 13, 2009

시간의 흐림

Wild flowers are found everywhere on the lawn.

After 6 months in Seoul, I am still feeling fresh because the world around me has been constantly changing. Starting with time, the daytime is getting longer these days. Sunrise is about 5am and sunset is almost reaching 8pm. For fruit, it was first tangerine in winter, strawberry in spring and now water melon and melon (참외) are found everywhere. For flower, the spring started with Forsythia, Azalea, Magnolia and Plum Blossoms before Cherry Blossoms took over. Then it was Royal Azalea and Rose. As the weather get hotter, newly-released music is also getting more upbeat. Not to mention, it is also raining more frequently these days. I really have yet to see and feel enough of this country. Though summer weather is almost similar to Singapore, there is also one very distinct difference - The summer here is one that has gone through winter. As such, it feels more colourful and 'cheerful'. Don't people similarly turn out much better after undergoing a period of hardship?

This rose is called Landora. The peak blooming period for rose was about two weeks ago. That was when I was busy preparing for exam. All I got to see after exam were roses that had started to wilt.

This rose is called Pink Peace. This picture was taken in the Rose Garden in the Seoul Grand Park. There is a Rose Festival going on there until the end of this month.

The cherry blossoms have since turned into... cherries of course.


  1. Congratulations for your graduation, and thank you for sharing a different and colorful view on Seoul.
    To take good pictures as many of the ones you have shown it takes the eye of a photographer, but I am also wondering about the equipment you are using.

  2. Thanks.
    I am using a DSLR and the model is Pentax K100D.
    It is quite a low-end camera but I think it is good enough.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I am surprised about the sharpness of the zoomed pictures with low exposure time, are you using a telezoom objective, e.g. for the concerts?

  4. I do use a zoom lens. All my camera settings are at auto since I don't know how to manually manipulate them. I am not even an amateur photographer - just a compact camera upgrader. The concert pictures are actually quite grainy if I blow them up to their original size. To get 'sharp' concert pictures there is nothing better than to sit near the stage.