Monday, May 11, 2009

무료 콘서트 되게 좋아

향기나는 클래식 (Fragrant Classical Music)

Mostly Philharmonic Orchestra

Seoul City Choir

Tenor Kim Nam-du singing Nessun dorma from Turandot (G. Puccini)

Tenor Kim Nam-du and Soprano Jo Gyeong-hwa

Yiruma, a famous new-age pianist from Korea, played his music pieces - 'Maybe', 'Sky', 'Noanna' and 'Dream'.

He is Jo Gwan-oo otherwise known as the Korea's Farinelli. He sings in a falsetto.

Musical artists, Min Yeong-gi (left) and Bae hae-seon, singing the encore song 'A Whole New World'.

7080 새대공감 (Space for Generation 7080)

This performance is a musical of the title '행진, 와이키키' (March, Waikiki). It is the first musical here to be adapted from a movie. I don't really know the actual storyline but from I saw I think it is about 3 youths who share their passion for singing during their high school days and they call themselves the 'Waikiki Boys'. 20 years after their graduation, they grouped together again at some anniversary celebration for another performance but not before overcoming some emotional barrier.

젊은 국악한마당 (A Court of Young Korean Traditional Musicians)

This percussionist played the drums with his eyes closed.

Seoul City Traditional Korean Music Orchestra

날라리 (唢呐) Solo

Musical artist, Lee Chan-mi, singing musical in traditional music.

Singing folk songs the acappella way.

Singer Joo Byeong-seon

The finale for the day was Samulnori performance. I was amazed by the lightning-fast speed at which the performers hit their instrument. The concert ended with the Samulnori performers coming down from the stage to mix with the crowd. The crowd gathered around them and started dancing according to their drum beats.

Every night after the concert, I would stop by this musical fountain inside the Children's Grand Park. When the weather was so warm last week, standing beside the fountain was quite cooling.


  1. 영화 와이키키브라더스 강추요!

  2. 강추는 무슨 뜻이요?

  3. 강추=강력추천의 줄임말이에요.
    highly recommended