Saturday, May 02, 2009

분수 및 음악회

On Labour Day which is not a holiday here, I received the results of my mid-term test. The results are all within my expectation so I am quite satisfied.

Reading: 88
Vocabulary/Grammar: 88
Listening: 90

However, one thing did surprise me and that is for the first time my listening marks come up top. I guess listening to Korean everyday for the past few months does a lot of wonder. The writing test mark was not made known to us yet as there is going to be some moderation.

I would not say the test is easy because there are cases where people who do not study fail it. But still, I don't think my results are very good considering that many of my classmates are scoring well above 90 marks. In relative, my results are just considered average. But yet I am still happy because I tried my best for this test.

In the afternoon, I gave English tuition to my Vietnamese classmate before heading down to Banpo Bridge again. In the evening, there was a KBS programme recording. The title of the programme is 'Open Concert' (열린음악회).

The programme rides on the opening of the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain and the Moonlight Park and uses them as backdrop. The stage effect was nothing short of spectacular. Imagine Moonlight Rainbow Fountain as one big stage backdrop. The strong light beams at Banpo Bridge, swung and lighted up the night sky above Han River as singers sang on stage.

Labour Day used to be just another rest day but this year it is quite different. It is not a holiday but yet I enjoy it.

Ballad duo, Yurisangja (유리상자, 琉璃箱子) or Glassbox, singing "Don't Worry Be Happy". I am so happy hearing them sing live in a concert. The world in their songs is nothing but beautiful.

김장훈 singing "소나기" (Shower). The rainbow fountain behind him started pouring out water in bright white light when he reached the word "소나기". The pleased crowd responded with loud hand claps.

Back up singers at one end of the stage with moonlight rainbow fountain as their backdrop. The light at the rainbow fountain is in sync with the stage lighting. When the stage lighting changes colour, the lighting at the fountain changes correspondingly to match. The fountain is one awesome stage backdrop.

The fountain stops operating after 9pm but the crowd remains behind to enjoy the serene night view of Banpo Bridge and Namsan. 9pm is too early a time to go back home. The night is still young.


  1. Am so envious of you Equinox ssi. In Sg, it's hot hot hot; plus the swine flu scare so everyone's staying away from crowded places.

  2. poor piggy. what has it done to deserve such bad name?

  3. Hi,
    Although I do not know you, I visit your blog whenever I am free.
    You Inspire me to learn korean and push my self further.
    Thank you.

  4. Glad to hear that. Hope you will persist all the way.

    Everyone who started learning Korean with me has long given up.

    That's a truth I must tell.