Saturday, February 07, 2009

1박2일 – 태백산

Hi~ I am now at Mt. Taebaek (태백산, 太白山). I have checked into a 3-star looking hotel but the room is 5-star standard. It has a new 42-inch flat screen TV, a new computer with 19-inch screen and the toilet is in pristine condition.

I left Cheongnyangni Station at 7am this morning and arrived Taebaek Station at 11:30am. The train ticket costs 15,400won. Before reaching Taebaek, I saw a row of about seven giant wind turbines standing majestically on top a mountain ridge. The view was awesome.

I shall be visiting the newly-opened O2 Resort and the Ice Festival later. Coincidentally, there will be a M Super Concert tonight at the O2 Resort. It should be quite interesting watching a concert at 1,420m above sea level. Bye for now, I gonna go sightseeing. ^^

The wind turbines which I saw before reaching Taebaek Station

Taebaek Station. The snow festival is on until Sunday.

Comfy bed in Eastern Hotel Taebaek.

A new 42-inch LCD TV and high speed internet provided free of charge.


  1. hix wish i could go there
    can't wait to see the pic~~~
    사진을 꼭 많이 찍어야 돼용 ^ ^

    original time stamp: 7 February 2009 13:49

  2. it would have been fun if you could come along.
    anyway, i think hwacheon sancheoneo festival is much better than taebaek snow festival. the ice and snow sculptures at taebaek were already melting and in quite bad shape.
    watching the m super concert at o2 resort made up for the disappointing snow festival.

    original time stamp: 9 February 2009 19:09

  3. a see..but that wind turbines :( i think i started to like wind turbines after seeing the daegwallyeong picture ^^

    original time stamp: 9 February 2009 22:13

  4. i plan to go daegwallyeong this summer if i m still in korea by then ^^

    original time stamp: 10 February 2009 00:35