Monday, November 03, 2008

3급을 땄다

I finally got to know my TOPIK results after making an international call to the TOPIK customer hotline. I cannot contain my excitement when my results was read out over the phone. I was first told that my average is 70 marks (almost). It caused me to skip a heart-beat because that average is just enough for a Level 4 Pass. But shortly, I was told I obtained a Level 3 Pass. I kinda knew at that moment my Writing Section probably didn't make pass the 50-mark boundary. For verification sake, I requested for each section's marks to be read out. My hunch was confirmed. My Writing Section is one mark shy of 50 and I am also just one mark shy of Level 4 Pass. To obtain a Level 4 Pass, I need an average of 70 marks & above and each section must be 50 marks & above. Nevertheless, I am still feeling ecstatic from my high Level 3 Pass because last year this time, I was told I failed TOPIK Intermediate.

Comparing with last year results, I made improvement in all sections. My two best sections last year, Vocabulary & Grammar and Listening, improve by 7 marks each. My Writing Section improves by 11 marks but still remains the worst. The best improvement I made is in my Reading Section. It improves by a surprising 27 marks. I knew I am going to do well in this section but the extent of improvement still caught me by surprise. I recognise that I have made good improvement in this TOPIK but I am still far from good. There is a lot more to improve for both my writing and speaking. My speaking is probably the worst of all even though it was not tested. I think it is time to fix them.

It has always been satisfying to know that I am making progress continuously. From the first day, it has been a competition between me and myself that I want to win. I am glad that I am still "winning" over myself after 3 years. I have no doubt that I will continue to "win" next year. 마지막 하고 싶은 말: 고급 한국어를 공부하기가 다 준비 됐습니다! ^^


  1. congrats! i cleared TOPIK level 3 too. :) will definitely aim for a Level 4 next year! ;) now tt i know where my weaknesses are at. ㅋㅋ

    i'm sure that u'll definitely achieve yr goal. :D

  2. 와 대단해! 첫번째 시험을 봐도 3급을 딸 수 있기에는 쉬운 건 아닌 것 같애. 진짜 잘 했어!

  3. 하하.. 고맙다! 근대... 4급을 얻을 수 있었으면 좋겠다. ㅋㅋ. 육심이 많죠? 아무든 내년에 4급 꼭 합격해야 해!

    참! 내가 벌써 싱가포르에 돌아가는데 한국어를 계속 공부하고 싶으면 어떻하죠? 중급을 다시 복습해 도 괜찮지만 NUS에서 경희대에 온 선생심이 없을 것 같아... 이 이유 때문에 중급을 누가 가으치든지 잘 모르 겠다. SKS는 1주에 수업이 2번 있기 때문에 좀 곤란하는데...

    한국어 시력이 늘어가고 싶기는 하지만 싱가포르에서 좀 어렵다고 생각해.....

  4. 후아~~~what a marvelous progress in a year..축하해요~~
    부럽다~~ wondering...will i able to do it too??

    혹시 그 topik시험을 어디에서 볼 수 있을까?시험료도 얼마에요?? *궁굼해요*

    이 시험은 필요한지 아닌지 아직도 몰라요...
    (is it correct expression to say : "i still don't know whether i need this test or not") 좀 가르쳐주셈^ ^~~

    이시험 하고싶지만 자신 없어요 ㅜㅜ 휴

  5. Jean, 다른 경희대 선생심이 안 올 거라고? 그 사실이야? 사실이라면 진짜 아쉽네 ㅠㅠ

    그래도 할 수 없지 뭐. 한국어를 계속 공부하고 마음먹는다면 공부하는 방법을 찾아낼 수 있을 거야. 뭐 하든지 그만두면 안대.

  6. Tata, the TOPIK test centre in Seoul is the Institute of International Education, Kyunghee University. Their phone number is 02-961-0081/2. In fact, there are many appointed TOPIK test centres all over the world and not just in Korea.

    I paid SGD80 (~KRW50,000 to 60,000) for the registration fee. Not too sure how much it cost exactly in KRW. You can know more about the test from the URL below:

    I think "이 시험은 필요한지 아직도 몰라요." is better. Or you can also write "이 시험은 필요가 있는지 없는지 아직도 몰라요." (I still don't know whether there is a need or no need for this test.)

    "아닌지" is usually used together with "인지" in form of "Noun + 인지 아닌지" - Is it this thing or is it not (you are not too sure).

    TOPIK 한번 해 보세요. 사실은 TOPIK 보는 일이 자신이 하나도 필요 없는데요.

  7. This looks great ^^

    BTW the website didn't mention the addresses of the overseas centres, or did I miss it? I wanted to know the addresses for Singapore and KL at least.

  8. yes, the website doesn't show the details of the overseas test centres. the topik test centre in singapore is the singapore korean school. as for kl, i have no idea. i try to google it but to no avail. you may want to give the korea embassy in kl a call to find out. i believe they should know something.