Thursday, May 29, 2008

곧 돌아올게

Evening sky seen somewhere in Suyeong (수영, 水營), Busan. I was supposed to be going to Gwangalli (광안리, 廣安里) but lost my way. I wasn't worried. Instead, I enjoyed the short period when I was lost. Ironic as it may sound, I actually see more of the city by being lost.

Lately I have not been updating my blog as often as I would like to because my mind and soul are probably still "lost" somewhere in Busan. But anyway, I think they should be "coming back" anytime soon. By then, I would be back to regular blogging. 미안하지만 기다린 김에 조금만 더 기다리세요. 내가 곧 돌아올게요. ^^

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