Sunday, May 04, 2008


My original impression of Taejongdae (태종대, 太宗臺) is that it is a white lighthouse with a observation deck that gives a good view of the South Sea. Actually I wasn't way off except that Taejongdae is a very big park and its landmark, the white lighthouse, is just but one site in the park. From the entrance of Taejongdae Park, the white lighthouse is like 5km away. There is a tram which called "Danubi" that brings visitors to the Taejongdae's observation deck and around the park. I didn't visit the lighthouse as I didn't feel like paying for the tram ride nor feel like walking long distance just to see it. Nevertheless, there were more than enough view in the park to keep me busy clicking away on my camera.

The road in the park was lined with flowering trees. Magnolia had fully bloomed. Fallen petals were sprinkled all over the walking path.

It is springtime and the Taejongdae Park is covered in a myriad of colours. It's wonderful to witness how nature comes back to live after the dreary winter.

There were many quiet and shady resting corners in the park. It was weekday so the park seems deserted. It is a blessing for Busanites to have nature so close at their doorsteps.

It's natural spring water flowing out from the tube. I drank a lot because I was very thirsty from all the walking. It's pure water alright because there was no taste or smell.

What is Spring without cherry blossom. Though there were not many cherry blossom trees in the park but they never failed to catch my attention when there was one along the way.

The "Danubi" tram, which brings visitors to the Taejongdae's observation deck and around the park, coming round the corner.

The sea at the Taejongdae's pebble beach. Exhilarating view.

Walking down the rocky and uneven steps to the pebble beach.

Naturally-formed pebbles. Need to be very careful with my steps.

Watching breaking waves at close proximity.

I didn't know that watching waves splashing up the shore had such a tranquilising effect on me. Perhaps there is some sort of natural rhythm in the waves

Pine tree, the South Sea and a misty horizon. Exotic combination.

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