Wednesday, November 01, 2006

중국과 한국의 경치

When I saw the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, I was awe-struck by their granduer. Granduer in itself is beauty. When I saw the Hwaseong Fortress, I was captivated by its humbleness. Humbleness equally evokes a sense of beauty. I do like both.


  1. Everthing is big in China - big Big BIG.

    Korean architecture used to follow the harmony of nature and human being. Too sad to see that this tradition is not existing nowadays...

  2. When did you see the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, may I ask? :p

  3. Song, I was trying very hard to find some suitable words to describe Korean architecture. Thanks for telling me that they are built to harmonise with the nature and man. That is perhaps why I describe Korean architecture as "humble" because they do not "overpower" their surrounding. Instead they are built to blend into their surrounding.

    Yesmaru, I was in Beijing before I started my Korean class a year ago.