Wednesday, August 30, 2006

한국 피아노 왕자

It was raining heavily in Seoul. It was May 2002 and I had just arrived in Itaewon. The spring season normally brought on a lot of rainfall. I expected it but there was nothing much I could do except to "glue" myself to the TV inside my hotel room.

I was watching a talkshow in ArirangTV channel and the guest for that show was Yiruma. The name Yiruma (이루마) sounds very much Japanese but no, he is a Korean. I had no idea who Yiruma was but was interested enough to know what he was good at. From the show, I kinda of knew that he was a new age pianist and he was Korea's answer to Richard Clayderman and Yukie Nishimura.

After the rain stopped, I took the subway to COEX Mall and bought my first Korean CD - "First Love" by Yiruma.


  1. Yes, his name sounds very Japanese, but it's pure Korean. It comes from the verb '~이루다'.
    His two sisters's names are 이루리 and 이루다.
    Interesting, isn't it? ^^

  2. Song 씨, thanks for this interesting piece of information. So I guess 이루마 means to accomplish every time, 아루리 means probably will accomplish and 아루다 means accomplishes.

    I think all parents alike will always want their children to do well in life and the names they give their children do directly reflect their hope for them.