Thursday, June 04, 2015

계명대학교 (성서 캠퍼스)

Keimyung University (Seongseo Campus) gave off an old college charm with its red-brick buildings, wine-covered walls and beautiful landscaping. However, the campus which is located at the western side of Daegu isn't that old; it was completed in the early 80s. In my view, the campus's remarkable landscaping makes it stands out from the rest. It has very beautiful garden where one can rest and read a book in peace.

A garden within the campus with man-made stream and spring flowers

A clear and sunny day. High above all other buildings in the campus is the Adams Chapel.

Picturesque setting

Beautifully landscaped path

The feeling of summer was in the air although it was still supposed to be spring

The main building or 본관 (本館)
Graduate School of Industrial Sports with its facade partially covered by vines

Keimyung University Station (Exit 1) - Daegu Subway Line 2

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