Tuesday, June 02, 2015

호미곶 등대

This is something inspirational and romantic about lighthouse. Mariners treat it merely as a navigational aid, but to non-mariners, we are more familiar with it being used as a metaphor. We like to think of lighthouse as a beacon of light that shears through the curtain of darkness, guiding and salvaging lost souls from the depth of despair. It's like a symbol of guiding light and beam of hope.

There are three lighthouses in Singapore but they are not easily accessible. However at Homigot, I could walk right up to the doorstep of Homigot Lighthouse (imagine my excitement). The rotating beam of white light that emanates from the lighthouse at night was the next best thing to watch at Homigot after its sunrise.

Homigot Lighthouse at the most eastern point of Korea with the East Sea as its background

Waiting for nightfall and the light beam to come on

Beams of light radiating out from Homigot Lighthouse with planet Venus in the sky

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