Monday, June 01, 2015

호미곶의 일출

I have not seen a proper sunrise, one which the sun rises slowly above the horizon. The sunrise at Yeongildae, a day before, was rather underwhelming as the horizon was obstructed. Two years ago on New Year's Day at Jeongdongjin, sunrise was blocked by an overcast sky. As surely as the sun will rise every morning, why was it so hard to even witness a proper sunrise?

Today, at Homigot, I was hopeful again. There was no landmass obstruction and the sky was beautifully clear. I waited with bated breath as the sky's hue slowly transited from purple to red. At the time of sunrise, my eyes were scanning the horizon eagerly for any faint outline of a rising sun. Suddenly, people around me shouted, "떴다! 떴다! 해가 떴다!" 

The sun has risen. The moment I saw it, I could understand why some people would cry at the sight of it. Between making wishes and saying my gratitude, I was more in favor of the latter. To be able to be at this part of the world to witness a beautiful sunrise, I am both lucky and fortunate.
Twenty minutes before sunrise
The Homigot Lighthouse at dawn
I have company
Moment just before sunrise
떴다! 떴다! 해가 떴다!
So overwhelmed at the sight that I was lost for words
Feeling hopeful today and everyday
Sea of morning calm
A truly memorable moment
Another morning has arrived without fanfare

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