Friday, June 19, 2015

바쁜 아빠

Fathers are always busy with work. They work long hours and spend little time with family. On their rest day, all they do are sleep. They do not seem to care about their family, they like to make excuses for their laziness and they do not take promises made with their children seriously. In a way, "바쁜 아빠" (busy father) is also a "나쁜 아빠" (bad father).

However, a commercial film (CF) by Everland attempted, quite successfully, to overturn the negative image of a "바쁜 아빠", leaving many viewers teary at the end. 

The plot: A daughter has a surprise for her father. Her father is a driver of metropolitan bus 5002, plying between Seoul and Everland. He has to make five trips to Everland daily. However, the last time he brought his daughter to the amusement park was when she was in kindergarten; now, she is a college student. On the day of recording, the daughter surprised her father by receiving him at the Everland's bus terminal and pleaded him to alight and join her for a day in Everland.

The most moving part of the CF is the tears in the father's eyes. There is no way those could be fake or acted. They were not sadness but tears concocted by a mixture of guilt and comfort. Even if you do not understand Korean, the father's tears are worth four minutes of your life.

To all 가족을 위해서 일을 열심히 하는 무뚝뚝한 표형도 못 하는 아빠들: Happy Father's Day!

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