Saturday, August 31, 2013


We can read about all the wisdom in the world, but our lives are not long enough to understand it all. The only light we depend on is our own experience and that limits how much we can see. Unfortunately, we can't get help from others.

We must seek out happiness ourselves. That's why we have to undergo endless pains and countless disappointments before we learn to become happy. Happiness is appreciating the simple pleasures in life that are always within easy reach of our mind and heart but this truth is good for nothing unless we put it to test ourselves. 파랑새는 다른 곳이 아닌 우리 가까이에 있다.

여름에 팥빙수 최고! 한 입만 바로 행복을 느꼈다.

한국 카페 달라도 너무 달라. 무선 인터넷이랑 충전 다 할 수 있으니까.


  1. it has been said that an aphorism does not always have to be true, but that it has to outwit or outperform the truth. in turn while they may seem like guidelines i think that we need to question and test them aswell.