Monday, August 12, 2013


당근이니까 당근(Sure)이지
This is one mistake learners of Korean language as a foreign language will unlikely make.

A test answer script of a Korean student was uploaded on a Korean online community site quite some time ago. Foreigners would have no problem finding the right English word for "당근" which is "carrot".  But to Korean students who are exposed daily to "newly-formed words" (신조어, 新造語) in the age of Internet, confusion may arise.

"당근이지" is a slang which originates from the word "당연(當然)하다". It means "sure" or "of course" and uttered when one agrees with his or her partner's suggestion or wants to give assurance that something said would materialise.

I don't view this incident as something particularly embarassing. We all learn from mistakes, don't we? Making mistake is part and parcel of learning something new.

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