Thursday, January 26, 2012


A new year was ushered in with exchange of well-wishes, extra calories from all the new year goodies and a good amount of rest - *satisfied*

Last week, I ran into a friend who is based in Shanghai and he is back for the new year. Being a banker, he can't help warning me that the next two years will be very tough. It seems like everyone is painting a gloomy picture of the world's economy.

This year is the year of dragon. The world is divided on what kind of a mythical creature dragon represents. Dragon is revered as a divine creature in the eastern culture but relegated to an evil monster in the western. It was said in ancient time, conquerors from the east invaded the west carrying flags with dragon motifs. Since then, dragon is seemed as an evil force that brings suffering and destruction. I guess, the year of dragon is indeed not a very good year for the west.

But after been through the last few "tumultous" years, I think the world, at least, deserves a reprieve. So, good weather and peace in 2012.

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