Saturday, August 08, 2009

재즈 페스티벌

My Friday and Saturday evening was spent at the National Museum of Korea. I was not there to visit the exhibits but to attend the 2-day Jazz Festival.

Date: AUG 7 (FRIDAY)

Before Concert

I have been looking up the sky recently because I am waiting for the clear blue sky of Autumn. Friday's sky was still very much cloudy.

The stage is located at the open space between the East and West Wing of the museum. The backdrop is the sky, Namsan and N Seoul Tower.

Exhilarating view of the sky from my seat.

Hong Soon Dal Quintet

This native Korean band gives traditional Bebop Jazz a contemporary spin. Their music is quite appealing to the ears.

Peter Solo & Kakarako

This international band mixes pop and reggae with traditional Southern African music. Their music is highly energetic which reminds me of Gipsy Kings' music.

After Concert

Most of the people have left after the concert ended. The lighted sign read "Theater YONG". It is currently running a children musical - "The Pharaoh is still alive", which the big banner below the sign is all about.

The N Seoul Tower at Namsan looks nearer than it should be from the museum due to the combination of optical and digital zoom.

The National Museum of Korea is the largest of its kind in Asia and the sixth largest museum in the world. I can spend a whole day there if I am to take my time walking through the exhibits. The building is inspired by Korean fortress and it is so long that I cannot cover the whole building in one photo.


Before Concert

I am still looking up the sky. The sky looks less cloudy today probably because Morakot is moving closer to Taiwan and away from the Korea peninsula. The exposed structure is a lamppost found at the museum.


This group combines western music with Korean traditional music producing a rather colourful form of alternative music. Their music is definitely not Jazz. At times, they sound like heavy metal and samulnori playing side by side. Lot of energy, punchy and very loud as well.

Dominic Miller & Band

Dominic Miller is more popularly known as the guitarist who plays for Sting. Their music is mellow and soothing to the ear. They play like craftsman of music, shaping music into a beautiful piece of artwork.

Yun Hee-jung & CEOJ Band

It is back to Jazz again with this band. Yun Hee-jung is the name of the female vocalist. She has been performing continuously for the past 14 years. Besides singing, she is also good at conversing with the audience and cracking a joke or two from time to time.

Night Out at the Museum


  1. the sky looks so lovely! your blog has been a treasure trove of info about korea and its attractions. i'll be going to seoul for a holiday at the end of the month. excited! btw, do you know if it is better to change from SGD to KRW in Seoul or in Singapore? Thank you!

  2. do you happen to also like ft island?

    it is better to change in seoul but just to be sure i shall come back with the exchange rate later this day.

  3. Just for your info, the Hana Bank's exchange rate today is SGD1 : KRW 856. I believe current rate in Singapore is about KRW 840, so it is better change your money in Seoul.