Friday, August 28, 2009


Today is very cool and windy. Morning and evening temperature is slightly above 20degC. Even when the day temperature reaches 28degC, the wind that blew was very cooling. I like this sort of cool weather of autumn.

This morning, for once, I turned myself into a fan. Actually I was running an errand for a friend. I need to be the first 300 persons to buy an album at the newly-open Myeongdong's Yeongpung Bookstore in order to get a queue number for a fan signing session.

In order to ensure a good chance of getting a queue number I was in Myeongdong at 7:30am although the bookstore opens only at 10am. I may not be a fan of any singer but when the task requires it, I will think like one. After a long wait in the queue, I managed to accomplish my task. Not too bad for a first-timer fan.