Tuesday, August 25, 2009


'Soyo' (소요, 逍遙) has the meaning of carefree, worry-free. The name 'Soyosan' seems to suggest that any one who goes there would be freed of their worries. Getting there is really quite easy. It is located at the opposite side of Soyosan Station (Line 1).

People eating their meal in the stream with their legs soak in the cool stream water. What a cool way to combat the heat of summer.

The stream water looks so clean and refreshing but I didn't dare drink it after seeing people soaking their feet in it. There are however water points along the way where I can drink water that seeps out directly from the mountain.

Admission charge through this gate and to Soyosan is 1,000won.

This picture shows the easier part of the mountain trail. The rest of the trail is more 'treacherous' than I thought.

On top a peak at 560m above sea level. Although the trip up to the top was difficult, I relish my moment at the peak.

This is supposed to be the favourite food of squirrels - acorn. At least this is how cartoon depicts it to be. The mountain trail has many of these acorn trees.

The summer heat has yet to fully recede but some of the maple trees have started to turn yellow.

A small natural waterfall in Soyosan. It is the first time I see a waterfall inside a mountain.

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