Sunday, August 16, 2009


I went on an excursion to Yongma Waterfall Park (용마폭포공원, 龍馬瀑布公園) today. Until today, I didn't even know that there are waterfalls right at the backyard of Seoul.

I have great expectation of seeing some decent waterfalls. So I took Line 7 to Yongmasan Station (용마산역) and exited by Exit 2. To get to the park entrance, I walked about 200 metres down the road after exiting and then turned right up a small road.

The waterfalls are located quite near to the park entrance. It is located not far from a football field. When I got there, to my disappointment, the waterfalls were all dry and they look like man-made.

With no waterfall to watch, I went up Yongmasan for a spin but when I returned, water was gushing down all 3 waterfalls. It seems like there is some tap somewhere controlling the water supply to the waterfalls.

Anyway, temperature did drop about 1 to 2 degrees when I was standing close to the waterfalls. It was a hot day today with temperature peaking at 34degC and so any degree of cooling is welcome.

Yongma Waterfall, the highest of the 3 waterfalls inside the park, at 51.4m.

Two smaller waterfalls are on each side of Yongma Waterall.

A kid is chasing after pigeons in the foreground.

Looking up the cliff of Yongmasan.

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