Tuesday, August 18, 2009

붉게 물든 저녁노을

As its name '노을공원' suggests, No-eul (Glow) Park is a good place to appreciate the evening glow. It is one of the 3 parks built around the World Cup Stadium and the furthest away. The other two parks are Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park and Ha-neul (Sky) Park. Like Ha-neul Park, No-eul Park is built on an elevated ground overlooking the Han River. However, the 2 parks differ in their landscaping.

No-eul park used to be a golf course and so it has a typical golf course landscape. Sculptures were recently added to the park to give it an artistic touch. I must say the sculptures merge quite well with the landscape making the park more scenic. But since I was there for the evening glow, I am only showing picture of evening glow. I like how the glow changed from red to dark blue and finally faded away in darkness.

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