Sunday, August 30, 2009

자장면 먹으면서 생긴 생각

Is it call 자짱면, 짜장면, 짜짱면 or 자장면 for this bowl of stir-fried bean paste noodles which originated from China? I am quite sure I saw them all. If you are struggling with the pronunciation of 'ㅈ' and the double consonant 'ㅉ', ordering this noodles at different restaurants will surely make you understand the meaning of '짜증스럽다' before you can even read the word correctly.

This post is written in memory of those days when I have to struggle with my Korean pronunciation. I am much better now but there is still more room for improvement. After getting my pronunciation right, the next thing is to fine-tune my '억양' or intonation. I am doing this by watching news clips and following after the newscaster.

Many people have suggested that I should make more Korean friends so that I can practise my Korean language. I am not against the idea but I have not befriended someone because he or she could be of help to me. Koreans need English more than I need Korean so I have no qualm using English with them. If need to, I can also speak Mandarin with them since the Chinese language is rapidly gaining importance in Korea. Despite that, I believe I can still perfect my speaking though it may take a longer time.


  1. haha i have always wondered about the 'correct' version of bean paste noodles too. It seems like I get more hits from google if I type in 자장면 but I like to say 자짱면 ㅋㅋ

  2. 자장면 is used in dictionary. doesn't matter how you call it, just eat it. it is delicious ^^

  3. 짜장면 먹고 싶어요^^

    한국 가면 한 달 내내 1년간 못 먹은 음식 다 먹을 거예요 ㅋㅋ


  4. 나는 송씨와 좀 달라요. 싱가폴 음식이 맛이 있기는 하지만 그리움이 별로 없는데요. 왜 그런지 나도 모르겠어요 -_-"

  5. 그건 아마도 싱가폴-한국의 차이보다 인도-한국의 차이가 더 크기 때문일 거예요^^

  6. 맞다 맞다. 인정합니다.
    나도 인도에 있었거든요.