Sunday, August 16, 2009

기억과 추억

It is the time of the season when class albums are produced. Next Friday is the end-of-term ceremony and all these albums will be made into DVD to be given out as souvenir to students.

There are about 40 class albums produced but only about half can be viewed at the school's website. Windows Media Player simply 'refuses' to play video file that has Korean file name. Among the albums that are viewable, I have selected my best 3 albums.

Unfortunately, my class album cannot be viewed since it was uploaded with a Korean file name. But I don't think it matters much since other classes share more or less the same experience as us because we are all in Seoul, in KHU-IIE during Summer 2009.

Just be warn that the videos need Windows Media Player to play and are available only for a limited period. It may be deleted according to the 'whim and fancy' of the site's administrator and is beyond my control. So watch them while they are still 'hot' and available.

1. Class Album of Intermediate 1 - Class 15

2. Class Album of Intermediate 2 - Class 24

3. Class Album of Advance 2 - Class 40
Note: The 토속촌 (土俗村) which appears in the video is the most famous Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) house in Seoul. During peak hour, the wait for seat can last for hours. The students are eating Samgyetang because it is a custom here to eat this dish during 초복, 중복 and 말복 of 삼복더위 (the hottest month of Summer which is from mid July to mid August).

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