Monday, August 17, 2009

우리 학교

My school, IIE, is shaped like a turtle ship, a ship which was invented by Admiral Lee Shun-shin and the pride of Joseon's navy. I couldn't see their similarity until I got to see a full view of IIE from the top of another building.

A model of a turtle ship below the statue of Admiral Lee Shin-shin at Gwanghwamun Plaza.

Front view of IIE. The dragon head of turtle ship is represented by the tall structure which houses the staircase. The circle windows are like canon portholes of the ship.

Oblique view of IIE. This view reveals the full length of the building. The shape of turtle ship is now clearly visible.

Side view of IIE. The classrooms are mostly located at the back end of the building. The building is 3 storey high with a basement. Despite that, the building has become too small over the years as Korean language student population continues to increase.

KHU is not short of unique-looking building. The crown-shaped building below is called the Crown Hall. It is where our graduation and end-of-term ceremony this Friday will be held. Every regular IIE's Korean language students will leave the school walking out of this building.

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