Sunday, August 30, 2009


The speed of change in Seoul is quite amazing. A shop may be there today but the next day it will be torn down and within a week or two, a new shop will be up and operating. This sort of change is so common that I don't really feel much about it. However, when my favourite cafe in Myeongdong is gone, I could no longer hold back.

Two months ago, Cafe Pascucci's flagship cafe at Myeongdong was still there but now it is gone. Cosmetics chain, 'Nature Republic', has taken over the building and covered it up from ground to roof in wooden planks. The scene of coffee-drinking crowd sitting inside the building and looking out at the street of Myeongdong is now a thing of the past.

Tea'Us, a newly-open cafe opposite of Cafe Pascucci, must be very please with its disappearance. As for 'Nature Republic', its ability to take over such a prime location, demonstrates one very clear fact - cosmetics is the number one selling product in Myeongdong and an extremely lucrative business.

I was quite disappointed when I discovered that my favourite cafe is gone for good. But lost is gain and it is not that contradicting at all. Recently, I was introduced to a new cafe, Restree, in Myeongdong which I think is very good. It is a book & spa cafe. The drinks are not more expensive than other cafes. Furthermore, coffee, tea and toast are free-flow. As a book and spa cafe, latest magazines and doctor fish foot massage (cost extra 2,000won) are provided for customer's pleasure. The ambiance is so nice that I can spend the whole day lazing there.

This iconic Cafe Pascucci of Myeongdong is no more. My good feeling of Myeongdong originated from this building. I miss sitting by its window and looking down on the busy street of Myeongdong.

Nice decor at Restree. The tap at the right bottom corner is meant for feet washing before and after doctor fish foot massage. The doctor fish's pool is beside the tap. Outside the window is the busy street of Myeongdong.


  1. Thanks for the information. I read in another blog that there used to be a Starbucks in the building occupied by Pascucci before 2005. According to a report, rents have been going up by more than 30% per year lately. Only Gangnam is worse in terms of prices.

    Do you have other recommendations for good coffee places to hang out in Seoul (not necessarily in Myeongdong)?

  2. you can check on those cafes at Sinsadong or Samcheongdong.

  3. 명동 파스쿠치 자리는 매우 상징적인 의미를 지닌 곳입니다.
    바로 한국에서 가장 비싼 땅이랍니다.

    기사 읽어보세요.

    한편 이번에 네이처리퍼블릭 명동월드 점이 오픈된 곳은 최근까지 파스쿠치 커피전문점이 있었던 곳으로 국내에서 제일 비싼 '금싸라기 땅'으로 유명하다. 이 땅의 공시지가는 지난 5월말 기준 3.3㎡당 2억559만원이었으며 파스쿠치가 지불한 보증금만도 32억, 월세는 1억3000만원이었다.

  4. 정보를 주셔서 감사합니다

  5. i've been to restree before too!! but i never knew it's name... and i like that place too! :D

    original time stamp: 31 August 2009 02:36

  6. are there any more good places you never tell me?

    original time stamp: 31 August 2009 13:46