Monday, August 24, 2009

환절기에 접어들었다

Maple leaves in Soyosan turning yellow

Sunday was '처서' (處暑), one of the 24 seasonal divisions. What it means is summer is at it's tail end. The day-night temperature difference is increasing because the night temperature is dropping. In a few days time, the difference is expected to reach 10deg. It is time to take care of our body if we don't want to fall sick during '환절기'.

There is a saying that if a person can get sick in summer, even the dog will be sick. What this means is that people rarely get sick during summer. However when the season changes and the temperature difference increases, the likelihood of catching a flu also increases. Korea is now on high alert against possible spread of H1N1 during this seasonal change.

Anyway, only two more weeks to the next seasonal division, '백로' (白露), which will mark the onset of autumn weather. It is said that dew will form on the maple leaves during this period. The remnant summer heat should also be gone by then.

The autumn semester is starting next week but I shall be on vacation, i.e. autumn vacation. I like to believe that this world is fair. While I was busy studying, people were out there enjoying their summer vacation at the beaches. Now it shall be my turn. *Grin*


  1. I think it is really a good feeling to associate the 二十四节气 with the changing weather. This is something that you would not be able to do it here in Singapore when the weather is forever summer...

  2. Even summer here is different from that of Singapore. Summer here is full of vibrancy, colour and energy.

  3. 잘 놀고 돌아와!!

    난 여기에 기다리고 있어... ("민데프"두 ㅋㅋㅋ)

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