Thursday, August 20, 2009

졸업 카운트다운

I knew that the 'end' of the road will be no different from the start, so I have tried my best to make every day here counts. What is important after all is the journey and not the destination.

I have reached one end of the road but there seems to be another road opening up ahead. I shall just keep walking because I have enjoyed the journey so far. Despite that, I am still curious where it will lead me to next. Unknown is exciting.


  1. hi there!~ i jus came across your blog when i was researching on heyri village.

    wanna say that ur blog is really one of the best that i came across in expressing Korea~ ^^ i really liked your photos and the ways you introduce Korea.

    i am currently studying Korean language too. looking forward to reading more posts from you.

    wish you all the best in your future endeavours! ^^ 화이팅!!!