Wednesday, September 19, 2012

궁금하면 500원

Flower beggar: Are you curious? If you are curious, 500 won (Credit: Nocut News)
A gentleman has his dignity so does a beggar. A new corner in "Gag Concert", called "A Beggar's Dignity" (parody of the Korean drama "A Gentleman's Dignity) is cracking me up every Sunday. Gagman Heo Gyeong-huan plays the role of "flower begger" (꽃거지). 

Not all beggars are the same. There is a different between a beggar and a flower beggar; a beggar begs but a flower beggar does not. "How then does a flower beggar earns his keep?", you may ask. 궁금해요? 궁금하면 500원 (Are you curious? If you are curious, 500won). Yes, that is how a flower beggar earns his money - by answering one's curiosity. By the way, if you are not curious, he will still "charge" 200won. This new corner is really hilarious. 강추 (strongly recommend).

Interview with the "flower beggar"

Theme song of flower beggar (1:19) - "Dear" by Mad Soul Child


  1. ㅋㅋ this skit Is good. Heh heh

  2. I was looking for this song tt was played in the flower begger gag concert ...... and I chance on yr blog TQ ....... BTW u hav a great blog ...... your photos taken are fantastic ..... ciao and do have a good week!

  3. TYVM! I was looking for that song! Gag Concert its such an awesome show, I love to see it every saturday!!!

  4. where can i look up for all of the songs that they use in their slot,, can somebody help me

    1. The song played at beginning of the skit is "My Love" (내 사랑아) by CN Blue Lee Jong-hyun (이종현).

      The song that came out when pals of Heo Kyung-hwan, Ryu Geun-ji & Seo Tae-hoon enter, is "Kiss Kiss" by Chaos (카오스).