Friday, September 07, 2012

추석 앞둠

My friend, a Vietnamese, has landed a job, as an event marketing executive, with the Lotte Department Store (Myeongdong). This is her first job after completing her Masters in Hotel Tourism Management at Kyunghee University last fall.

She was recently seen promoting her company's limited-edition shopping vouchers for the coming Chuseok in Yonhap News.

With the biggest Korean festival, Chuseok just around the corner, Lotte Department Store, a dominant player in the market of shopping vouchers, introduced its "Beat-the-Recession-Small-Value Shopping Voucher Package" (KRW 3 million) on the 3rd of September.

Lotte Department Store is also running an event to give away 1,000 limited edition shopping vouchers, which has three 10,000-won vouchers printed on one sheet, on a first-come-first serve basis, to customers who purchase the package.


  1. Hello equinox, can i ask you something that might be quite personal? hmm, how much does it cost to take up a language course in KHU? are you currently working part-time and studying in Korea?

    1. Hello, the tuition fee for 10-week course is 1.6 million won (excluding textbook). You can refer to the link below:

      I left KHU 3 years ago. No, I am not studying in Korea now. If you need more help, feel free to ask :)

    2. hello oh i see! thanks! i am thinking of doing a 3 month internship there next year but i suppose it will be quite hard because i can't speak Korean.

    3. Can't speak Korean? No worry. Many Koreans know a bit of English. There are many foreign English teachers in Korea who know zero Korean but yet, they are still enjoying themselves. What I want to say is, you don't have to know Korean to live comfortably in Korea.

    4. I see i see. hmm are you working in Korea now? Was it tough to find a job there in the beginning?

    5. I'm working in Spore. I never worked in Korea so I don't know if it is tough to find a job there. For a start, you can visit the English site below to look for job:

    6. oh i thought you are working there! haha ok thank you! (:

    7. oh and i really like your pictures! especially the ones that you use in the header!