Thursday, September 22, 2011

연애시대 - 아버지 말씀

"Alone in Love", a Korean drama aired in 2006, has a history as long as this blog. Five years ago, I watched it with the help of subtitles, I like it then. Now that I can hear Korean well, I appreciate it even more. The most memorable scene of the drama has to be the conversation between Eunho and her father in the last episode. Watching the scene never failed to prop me up whenever I was down. Whatever advices Eunho's father gave her, are also applicable to anyone. We should listen to our hearts and not be held down by mundane rules. Happiness doesn't come easily. We have to work hard for it.

A short synopsis of the scene:

Eunho was at a lost. She couldn't decide if she should reunite with her ex-husband who had since remarried but still loved her. On one hand, she did not think she could live her life without him. On the other, she could not bring herself to break up his marriage. Trapped in a painful dilemma, she called her father, a pastor, over the air by identifing herself as Miss K. The first part of the conversation went on as if her father was giving counsel to a stranger who was lost. In the second part, her father put away his pastor's role and assumed his father's role. As a father, his utmost concern was her daughter's happiness and not his religious duties. His heart-warming quotes:

"Miss K, God said thou shalt not lie... Lying to others is not right, but lying to yourself is also wrong. Do what your heart tells you."

"Miss K, didn't your heart says you can't live without that person? That person also can't live without you, isn't it? Do as what your heart wishes."

"To sin is human. Miss K, do you wish to be happy? Do you expect happiness to come easily? Do you think hesitation, indecisiveness and concern over how people would look at you will make you happy? If you don't try hard, you cannot be happy."

"Eunho, if you don't work hard and do your best, you cannot be happy. Only if you become happy, the world will become happy. Let's us pray together to Lord for forgiveness. Eunho, you must be happy."

《연애시대 16회 중에서》

행복해져라 은호야

은호: 저는 원주 사는 K라고 하는데요. 좋아하는 남자가 있거든요. 오래전부터 좋아했는데 최근에야 그 사람없이는 안되겠구나 알게됐어요. 근데 그 사람은 이미 결혼한 사람이예요. 목사님 어떡하죠? 내가 어떡해야 할까요?

아버지: K양 본인 마음은 확실한 겁니까? 정말 그 남자 아니면 안되는 겁니까?

은호: 어떨때는 그럭저럭 살수 있을것 같다가도 또 어떨때는 이대로는 못 견디겠다 싶기도 하고요. 그냥 눈물이 나올때도 있고, 멍해질때도 있고 그래요. 그 사람을 더 이상은 만날수 없다라고 생각하면서 부터는 사는게 지루해졌어요.

아버지: 상대방 마음은 어떻습니까?

은호: 그 사람은 나랑 다시 시작하고 싶어해요.

아버지: 힘든 문제군요. K양, 하나님은 속이지 말라 하셨습니다.

은호: 역시 안되겠죠?

아버지: 남을 속여서도 안되지만 또한 자기 자신을 속여서는 안됩니다. 마음이 가는대로 하십시요.

은호: 그게 무슨?

아버지: K양 그 사람 아니면 안되겠다고 마음이 말하고 있지 않습니까? 그 사람 역시 K양 아니면 안되겠다고 말했다면서요. 마음이 하자는대로 하십시요.

은호: 그렇게 할 수는 없어요. 그 사람 부인은 어떡해요. 내가 축가까지 불러줬는데 둘이 행복하라고 그렇게 말했는데.

아버지: 진심이였습니까?

은호: 네.

아버지: 지금의 진심은 무엇입니까?

은호: 죄를 지을 순 없어요.

아버지: 죄를 짓기때문에 인간입니다. K양 행복해지고 싶죠? 행복하기가 쉬운 줄 아십니까? 망설이고 , 주저하고 , 눈치보고 , 그렇게해서 행복해질수 있다고 생각합니까? 노력하지 않으면 행복해질 수 없는겁니다.

은호야! ... 최선을 다해 노력하지 않으면 행복해 질 수 없다. 니가 행복해져야만 이 세상도 행복해진다. 하느님한테는 내가 같이 용서를 빌어주마. 행복해져라 은호야.

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