Saturday, May 07, 2011

비가 오는 5월

Entering May, the campus sprung into activities. Celebration of college's anniversary lasted for weeks. Free open-air concerts went on every night. Joy and laughter filled the air, just like in wonderland. One drizzling evening, I received a call from my friend. Apparently, a famous boy group was going to perform in my campus that night.

We went early and there wasn't much crowd. I was told fans would only 'surface' when their idols perform and leave once their idols exit. As we waited for the boy group, relatively unknown singers took the stage. Drizzle became rain when a group of four young girls went on stage. The cheering crowd was pathetic. The girl group was unknown and had no fans. Despite that, they tried their best to please the crowd. Holding mic on one hand and an umbrella on the other, they sang with their heart.

Before their last song, they put away their umbrellas and and told the crowd, "We will stand with you in the rain now." After the girl group left, we thought we would be seeing the boy group soon. But information soon arrived that the boy group is not turning up because of the rain. My friend and I left the concert feeling short-changed.

One of the group of four girls. She has a very good vocal and could well be the main vocalist in one of the many Korean girl groups now.

May in Singapore this year is the season of election. In a few hours time, I will be going to the polling station. Trust me, I will be voting for people who will sing for me, who will sing with me, in the rain of May.


  1. The girls band was not famous at the time, but eventually the will be one day. Let's see what will happen, it might not be raining here today.

  2. I don't know her name but I saw her at Hello My School.. She is the lead vocal of secret right?? She got an amazing voice but sadly their song is just so-so. I think she will be a big star if she go solo ^_^