Sunday, May 15, 2011


I found that I have never written any post on Insadong (인사동, 仁寺洞). Perhaps I have nothing much to elaborate about the place. If I am to describe it simply, Insadong is Korea equivalent to Chinatown. It covers a short stretch of street where you can find Korean traditional snacks peddling on pushcarts and plentiful traditional handcraft shops and restaurants. It is a recommended place to visit in urban Seoul, if you like all things traditional.

Probably the only Starbucks in the world that uses hangeul for its sign and it is found in Insadong. The thing about good branding is you would have guessed correctly it is Starbucks even though you may not know how to read hangeul.

Inside Ssamzigil building. This is the centre of attraction in Insadong. Ironically, things you see inside here are more trendy than traditional.

You can take a slow walk up the Ssamzigil building as it 'spirals' up from level 1 to 4. Things change quite frequently in here. I was never tired of walking up the building every time I was there.

Have a caricature done for you

Or try the popular red bean pancake that comes in the shape of ... (err... you look at the picture and then go and figure)

An unlikely place to find a chandelier - stairway in basement one. Contrast is always quite impactful. On the other side of the glass is  a room where you can get hands-on experience making handicrafts.

If you are wondering where is the traditional part of Insadong in my posting, you are quite alert. Indeed, I have shown nothing of it and in view of that, you will have to discover that for yourselves. It won't take very long to walk one round; an hour or two should suffice.


  1. 안녕하세요...어머...진짜 똥빵이네요?! 참 웃긴데요...ㅋㅋㅋ

  2. 똥빵 드셔본 적이 있으시죠 ^^

  3. There is at least one other Starbucks near Anguk Station using hangeul: