Tuesday, October 19, 2010


'모락모락' (pronounced 'morak morak') is a '의태어' (擬態語) that describes the look of rising steam. Its closest Mandarin equivalent - '炊烟袅袅'. I can relate well to '모락모락' although I am quite bad with other '의태어'. '모락모락' has a lot more meaning, especially during cold weather, when steam is more visible. Hot food, with all its steam, during a cold night, is simply irresistable. The thin veil of slowly rising steam makes any food looks all the more delicious.

뜨거운 국물에서 김이 모락모락 나던 포장마차를 보면서 문득 배가 고파졌다 

김이 모락모락 피어오르는 음식은 더 먹음직 스러워 보인 것 같다


  1. i'm seriously bad with all the 의태어 and how different intensity is conveyed with the bright and dark vowels >, <

  2. Me too. I guess the only way to overcome the problem is to memorise, but the bad news is there are so many of them, not to mention there are also the 'ying' and the 'yang' forms.

    Regardless, 의태어 or 의성어 are interesting once you get the hang of it. Besides '모락모락', I like '두근두근', the sound of palpitating heart. The sound of throbbing heart, '콩닥콩닥', is quite nice too ^^