Wednesday, October 13, 2010


If you have many questions about Korean language which you no answer to at the moment, don't be disheartened. Here is a piece of advice - live with the questions and you will find your answers someday. The answers will come, provided you never give up. If you do give up, there is no wrong to it. Things that you forsake are usually of no importance to the heart, hence, nothing regrettable. Staying on is only pleasant to people who have love for the thing they do. If you like to find the answers to your questions, try finding your love first.

Credits to 'Soothing Mint' for introducing me the enlightened writing of Rainer Maria Rilke ( a Bohemian–Austrian poet and art critic)

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  1. 라이너 마리아 릴케의 시가 참 아름답네요. 멋져요.