Sunday, October 03, 2010

기차 여행

Leaving on a Mugunghwa train

To get from point A to point B in Korea without a private car, the fastest means is not always the train. The inter-city express bus service is, in fact, the best means of land transportation; it is fast, convenient and economical. However, sometimes, travelling is not about getting to the destination in the shortest time. The journey itself is part of the experience. In this instance, I prefered going on a slow train like Mugunghwa which would take me through the scenic countryside.


  1. I prefer the trains compared to the express buses! Missed seeing the vast green fields dotted with a few buildings ):

  2. me too. view of big open fields and distant mountains was simply exhilarating. taking a slow train like mugunghwa not only allows me to enjoy the countryside's view, it also allows me time to think about many things.