Sunday, April 11, 2010

비가 온 후

Ever wonder what effect does rain has on land? Or, what effect do tears have on heart? If you ask a peasant, you may get the right answers.

The land becomes more harden after rain (비가 온 후 땅이 더 굳는다 - a Korean proverb). Similarly, tears steel a heart. Every upset in life makes a person stronger and more resilient than before.

But there is a problem. When soil becomes compacted, no crops can grow well. Likewise, a heart that is steeled will not allow love to blossom. Too much knock from harsh reality can make a person callous, apathetic and insensitive.

A peasant know how to plow and aerate the land on a yearly basis before the planting season starts. On the other hand, how many of us actually 'plow' our heart? When was the last time we 'plow' and soften it? Perhaps, we may not even be aware our heart has hardened since the relationship between tears and heart is not so straightforward.

Have I lost touch with nature? Then why I didn't know the effect of rain on land until I came across the Korean proverb.

Planting season is starting soon. Time to plow the hardened land. [ Farmland in Ganghwa Island, early spring 2009 ]