Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Every year around this time, cherry blossoms will start to bloom in Seoul. You can't help feeling cheerful and happy. Smile blooms like flower. It is just amazing how a teeny-weeny flower can bring so much joy to people.


  1. Seoul Story( How I feel Seoul)

    Before outstep toward outdooring, I designate where I should go. On the street, you cannot hesitate which way you are going to head. And you cannot forget you need to be cautious not to have deep concern to the other pedestrians, otherwise you might get in trouble with them or at least got an unpleasant unkindness. So your way should be very strictly heading straightly to your determined destination. Even if you would got touched so harshly by the opposite pedestrian, don't be so embarrassed but react like you also retaliate him. Then you can have peace on your breath. Just look down on the others who is walking on the street as apes or nothing for your mental health. When you need to get on the public transportation don't forget to protect you from the things. when they push you try to keep yourself on your right place( so you need to strengthen your muscle everyday). It is so sad that you can't help choosing a public transportation for your moving inevitably. That's why you should have a enough large vehicle driven by your private driver. Keep in mind that the street is on the war in Seoul and there are only two choices you can. One is 'enjoy the jungle life as a topclass predator in a secured village' the other is find nice country where you can be cooled down.

    Do you agree? Equi

  2. Hi!
    I came to your blog the first time.
    It is really interesting and informative.
    Keep it up. Best wishes.

  3. @ Minsik,
    Contrary to what you say, many foreigners, if not all, are very impressed with Seoul's public transportation. As for the push and squeeze on the street and public transport, it is all part and parcel of city life. If you like, you may want to try Singapore's crowded, expensive and not so convenient public transport for a change. 저에는 서울은 그렇게 나쁘지 않은데요.

    @ सतीश चंद्र सत्यार्थी,
    Thank you

  4. I think Singapore's transport system is working fine. With the new circle line, it gets even better. As for the crowded-ness, it's the same everywhere be it Japan/London/HK, it's not Sin's problem alone.

  5. I am curious about the normal singaporian life. Of course the definiton about the 'Normal' is not easy.