Wednesday, October 07, 2009

마지막 인사

I was at my favourite 닭꼬치 stall. I thought of saying goodbye to the stallholder since I was a regular customer. But I changed my mind. I took a few pictures, ate my last stick of 닭꼬치 and left quietly.

Sometimes, it may be good not to say goodbye. If I remain quiet, it may seem like I have never left. On the contrary, people whom I bid farewell to, may be left with an impression that I am leaving them forever.

I like leaving with an unladen heart. Leaving would be difficult if anyone was to say, "떠나지마." I don't dream dramatic ending. Leaving quietly is fine with me.

I have never eaten the stall's 어묵 (boiled fish paste). I only drank the soup.

Waiting for my stick of 닭꼬치 (skewered chicken meat) to be ready.

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