Sunday, September 07, 2008

충고 10개

While visiting the National Palace Museum of Korea I came across these 10 admonitions which King Yeongjo (r.1724~1776) laid down for his grandson King Jeongjo.

Be filial to your parents and respect your seniors
Revere great scholars
Listen to your subjects

Study hard
Beware of idleness
Be frugal
Control yourself when you are alone

Sense of Judgment
Be prudent in large-scale projects
Do not believe defamation of others
Be discreet when handing out punishment or rewards

Altough more than 200 years have transpired since, these words of wisdom are still applicable. In my opinion, they are not just meant for kings. Anyone who strives to become a better person or leader should at least possess some of these qualities, if not all. Conversely, to become arrogant, complacent and bias, for anyone in power, is a sure-fire way to rapid downfall.

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