Friday, September 04, 2009


This afternoon when I was at Seoul Railway Station, out of nowhere, someone started shouting loudly. Instinctively, I turned my head to the sound's source and saw a guy in army uniform standing in front of the station's exit gate facing a lady in ballcap. He was shouting like he was reporting to his platoon's sergeant after being humiliated for speaking too softly like a woman. He was in attention posture and so was the lady at the receiving end of his 'report'.

I didn't catch what he was shouting. When he finished his 'report', I was expecting that he would march off like a soldier would do after reporting, but instead he went forward and gave the lady a big bear hug. He was squeezing her so tightly that if she is an orange, juice will probably flow out. Alright, I know I am a bit over-exaggerating here but you get what I mean. When I saw that scene, I was thinking, "Like that also can meh? Super drama lah." (Singlish expression for very dramatic).

By the way, he is not proposing to his girlfriend, or else curious onlookers would have clapped their hands to show support. Love sickness might have just caught up with the couple after a while of separation. Anyway, I must thank the couple for amusing me. I could not stop smiling whenever I think of their surprise act in a busy station. In Seoul, you can't really tell what is drama and what is real, can you?


  1. maybe he was proposing to her military style, assuming both are in the military hehe. and the hug was cos she said yes! :D

    original time stamp: 4 September 2009 17:17

  2. i don't think so. otherwise people would have clapped when she says 'yes'. the guy looks like he is on a weekend off. i think army chaps can get a bit 'siao' when they don't see woman for months.

    original time stamp: 4 September 2009 17:22