Saturday, July 29, 2017

Château de Villandry

If there is one compelling reason why you should visit Château de Villandry, it has to be its Renaissance gardens. Not just one garden but many. In my opinion, even the gardens of Château de Versailles pale in comparison. Château de Villandry is the nearest chateau to Tours but it is still 17km away.

Looking down at the "love garden" from the belvedere. The love garden comprises four squares each depicting a theme of love.

A moat runs around the chateau with ornamental gardens on both sides

There are many vantage points which give breathtaking view and of one of which is on top of the chateau

Garden with geometric patterns formed by low hedges and flower beds

Entering the vegetable garden where real vegetables are grown with flowering plants featuring at corners and fringes

Neat layout of vegetable plots

A refreshing view of lavender garden with water fountain on a hot sunny day

Lavender and chateau - a great combination

A wide-angle view of the lavender garden with the Saint Etienne Church of Villandry (not part of chateau) at the back

Grapevines covered walkway, providing relief from the blazing summer heat

Bunches of green grapes hanging over my head

The Sun Garden

Visitors taking a rest at the belvedere

Box-shaped lime trees like those seen at the back, lined the walking paths

Unobstructed view

Another vantage point

Inside the Chateau

View of the Chateau from the entrance /exit

Towards the farmyard

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