Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Château d'Amboise

If there is one thing famous about Amboise, it is a place in France where Leonardo da Vinci spent his final years as guest of Francois I. His final resting place is in Château d'Amboise.

The royal Château at Amboise was built on elevated ground overseeing River Loire

The Royal Lodge

Street life below the château with more visitors than residents

The terrace outside the Royal Lodge where one can take a leisure stroll

Looking out from the one of the watch towers

The parterre (garden with patterns) at the back of the Royal Lodge

River Loire flows below the château

Nicely-shaped parterre

Lavender-lined path

The single tree to the left is a Lebanese Cedar. The center-right building is the St Hulbert Chapel

The white bust of Leonardo da Vinci marks the original burial site of the Italian Renaissance genius

St Hulbert Chapel is the final burial ground of Leonardo da Vinci after his remains were exhumed and relocated

Château d'Amboise from across River Loire