Sunday, July 17, 2011

오렌지 선셋

This flower is a Calibrachoa and blooms from spring to fall. It has a beautiful name (which flower don't) - "Dream Kisses Orange Sunset". [Taken at Rose Garden, Seoul Grand Park]

How's this for orange sunset? Does orange sunet look dreamy? [Taken at Minmeoru Beach, Seongmo Island]


  1. Hi there..could u tell me how to get to the place to get this shot of dongho bridge..
    many people are saying is saying this is opp of oksu station..but i hope u could tell me which subway n exit to take to reach this place [where u took the shot]

  2. exit oksu station and walk towards hangang park. at hangang park (facing han river), turn to your right and walk down the path until you get the view you want.

  3. thanks so much =D