Monday, February 21, 2011


What does it mean when you are called a "사차원" (四次元)?. Try searching its dictionary meaning and you will get the explanation of fourth dimension. You won't get help from dictionary in this case.

"사차원" is a rather 'cute' way of saying that you're unconventional or unique in the way you think, speak or behave. In simple words, you're an oddball. "사차원" is not meant to be a derogatory term and you're supposed to take it light-heartedly.

In science, it is said that a four-dimensional being, if it ever exists, would be able to see the world in three dimensions, i.e. able to see an object from all angles without moving. Three-dimensional beings, like us, are only able to see the world through our own eyes in two dimensions.

A friend took the above photo and asked, "What do you see?" I see two down lights and a row of LED lights. "No, it's a smiling face!", she said. I was speechless. I thought I met a four-dimensional being or should I say "사차원".


  1. This is a very sweet thought. I like your blog!

  2. you may be interested in this book / movie: :)

  3. @Ari, thank you for your sweet comment.

    @K, the book suits me well. i'm a 'square' too.

  4. hi there, are you currently studying in korea?

  5. hello, somehow it feels like you are located in korea with the images and all:) thanks for your post..i like them very much!!

  6. reminds me of kim hyun joong... hes 4-dimensional.